Frequently Asked Questions

How does OLX Cash My Car work?
What do I need to do?
Valuation bidding
How is the value of my car calculated?
Which cars we buy or do not buy?

We purchase cars that…

• Have complete, original paperwork and computerised registration plates (additional paper-work may be required if original owner is not available)
• Have been registered in a city where it has an operational presence
• Belong to a company if the seller brings an open NOC on an original letterhead stamped by the company. In case an open NOC is not available the cost of transfer will be deducted from the final price of the car

We don’t purchase cars that…

• Have duplicate papers
• Are commercial, semi-commercial, government registered, custom auction or part of an amnesty scheme
• Are in an open letter
• Have structural damage, vinyl wraps, repainted pillars, repainted roof top, alterations to the engine, body or electricals, been in major accidents or have opened air-bags.